What condition did the actress Catherine Zeta Jones put the groom-womanizer

One of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood history always celebrates a double birthday: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were born on the same day, September 25, however, 25 years apart.

In 1996, the up-and-coming young actress landed the lead role in the TV series Titanic. One of the spectators of the premiere was Steven Spielberg. He called the director of The Masks of Zorro, Martin Campbell, and thus Catherine Zeta-Jones was recruited into the main cast. She played the role of Zorro's daughter, the tape was a resounding success. The actress's fees then skyrocketed to the millions. Soon, the burning beauty conquered Hollywood and the heart of Michael Douglas himself.

The premiere screening of The Mask of Zorro featured Michael Douglas. Douglas was invited by a friend, Antonio Banderas. Michael immediately fell in love with the beauty and said directly to Catherine: "I would like to become the father of your children." A month later, Douglas filed for divorce and gave Catherine a $ 2 million engagement ring. Five months of courtship, and she couldn't resist.

Later, the actress admitted that she fell in love at first sight. But Michael had a reputation as a womanizer and was married at the time.

Before the wedding, Kat insisted on a marriage contract: according to its terms, in case of betrayal of his spouse, Michael undertook to pay her $ 3.5 million for each year of marriage. And another 5 million - for each betrayal. Whether he paid this "fine" for the trip to the left is unknown, at least nothing of the kind was leaked to the press.