Interesting facts about Agatha Christie

Interesting facts "Man" Interesting facts about Agatha Christie

  1. More than four billion Agatha Christie books have been sold worldwide. Only the Bible and Shakespeare were published in large editions. The books of the queen of the detective genre have been translated into 103 languages ​​of the world.
  2. Agatha had a fine ear for music since childhood, and her parents believed that she would be able to prove herself on stage. It did not work out - Agatha was very afraid of a large audience.
  3. The writer received a medical degree, was a nurse during the First World War, then worked as a pharmacist in one of the pharmacies. This probably left its mark on literary activity, many of the heroes of her books were poisoned. This is not surprising, Agatha herself was well versed in poisons.
  4. According to Christie, from childhood to ripe old age, a man with severed hands and a terrible face periodically came to her in a dream. She called him Killer Man.
  5. Agatha Christie wrote her first book only at the age of 30. Moreover, she became a writer thanks to a dispute with her sister Madge, who by that time had already been published. Agatha declared that she could write as well and took up her first novel, The Mysterious Accident in Styles. The path of this book to the reader was not easy: the aspiring writer had to contact seven publishing houses. As a result, the book was printed with a modest circulation of 2, 000 copies, and Agatha Christie received her first literary royalties - 25 pounds sterling.
  6. Agatha's first husband, Colonel Christie, cheated on his wife, for which he paid. In the best tradition of detectives, Agatha disappeared from home, making her husband nervous, and the police suspect him of murder.
  7. Archaeologist Max Mallowen became the second husband of the writer. He was 15 years younger than Agatha, but the writer joked that it should be so, for an archaeologist, the value of a woman only increases over the years.
  8. Agatha Christie fought for women's rights until her very old age.
  9. Agatha is considered the first woman in the UK to dare to surf.
  10. She also penned the most "popular" play in history: a detective production called "The Mousetrap" has been successfully shown in London from 1952 to the present day. In 2012, the play celebrated its 25, 000th screening!
  11. In 1956, the writer was awarded the Order of the British Empire, and in 1971, for her achievements, Christie was awarded the title of Cavalierdam in the field of literature. Its owners also receive the noble title "lady", which is used before the name.
  12. One of the most popular works of the writer is the novel Ten Little Indians. True, in order to comply with political correctness, the title of the book was changed, now it is called "And there was nobody."
  13. The works of Agatha Christie were filmed more than once, but the writer herself most often remained dissatisfied with the films. One of the few films she liked was Murder on the Orient Express. According to Christie, actor Albert Finney convincingly played the role of detective Hercule Poirot.
  14. In the last years of her life, the writer suffered from Alzheimer's disease. However, two great stories came out: "The Curtain" and "The Forgotten Murder." It turned out that they were written many years ago, but Agatha Christie kept them in a safe in order to publish them if she could no longer write. The story "Curtain", written in 1940, was not published until 1975. This work was the last in a series of detective stories about Hercule Poirot: at the end of it, the Belgian who conquered thousands of hearts dies.
  15. Agatha Christie passed away on January 12, 1976. Currently, the copyright for some of the detective queen's works belongs to her grandson Matthew Pritchard.