Interesting facts about jealousy

Jealousy is one of the strongest feelings that can both make relationships brighter and lead to sad consequences. It is better to know what jealousy is, will help you with a selection of interesting facts:

Female jealousy is the most common, women are jealous much more often than men, but male jealousy is much deeper, men are jealous more heavily and gloomily.

Sometimes jealousy turns into a mental disorder, it is believed that in 15 - 20% of people, the pathological form of jealousy is very similar in its symptoms and manifestations to severe psychosis.

Most often, insecure people are jealous. So, for example, short men are jealous twice as often as tall ones.

There are people who are completely free from jealousy - about 3-5% of people are psychologically incapable of being jealous. But such a partner should not be particularly happy - psychologists regard this category as the other extreme, and explain the reason for this behavior by emotional coldness and inability to deep feelings, most often it occurs among men.

According to statistics, 7-10% of men on Earth are pathological jealous. They look for any reasons to find traces of betrayal, even if there was no such thing, and everything that is said in justification is understood with a different meaning that is beneficial to the jealous person.

According to statistics, 20% of crimes are committed out of jealousy. However, in criminal law, jealousy is not considered a mitigating circumstance.

Partners under 30 are jealous of their soul mate twice as often as middle-aged and older people.

Unbridled jealousy has been proven to shorten life. For jealous people and jealous people from experiences and stress, blood pressure rises and heart disease inevitably develops.

In women, jealousy is inherent in nature. It has been proven that the peaks of jealousy in women occur during pregnancy and the first years of a child's life. During this period, the devotion and protection of a man is especially important for a woman. Scientists have conducted research and found that a woman's trust depends on the state of her hormonal background, or rather on the amount of testosterone, the content of which is increased at this time.

Jealousy ranks second in the list of the main reasons for divorce (the first is a lack of money in families and quarrels over money, the third is treason).

Jealousy is inherent not only in humans, but also in animals. Those who have pets will be happy to confirm this to you :)

P.S. Never and under any circumstances not to be jealous of a loved one is quite difficult to learn, since jealousy manifests itself at the level of instincts, and it is based on a feeling of possessiveness, which is not inherent only in saints. So jealousy itself, if it manifests itself within reason, is not a pathology and even contributes to the strengthening of personal relationships to some extent. If a person is jealous of a partner, then he is afraid of losing him. The complete absence of jealousy may indicate indifference and indifference.