Interesting facts about Hitler

Interesting Facts "Man" Interesting Facts about Hitler

  • Interesting fact, Hitler never took off his coat in public.
  • Hitler believed that the highest race was the Aryans - people with blue eyes and blond hair. But he had dark hair and brown eyes. His grandmother gave birth to an illegitimate child (Hitler's father), presumably from a Jew, in whose family she worked as a servant.
  • Hitler's father, Alois, married his relative Klara Pölzl. This was his third marriage. By this time, he had a son, Alois, and a daughter, Angela, who later became the mother of Geli Raubal, Hitler's supposed mistress. Due to family ties, Alois had to obtain permission from the Vatican to marry Clara. Clara gave birth to six children from Alois, of which Adolf was the third. It is interesting that Hitler knew about the inzukhta in his family and therefore always spoke very briefly and vaguely about his parents, although he demanded documentary confirmation of his ancestors from others.
  • Hitler only had one testicle.
  • Hitler's school teacher said that he was: ..., 'moderately underperforming, but behaved like a leader.'
  • Adolf Hitler's mother seriously considered having an abortion but was discouraged by the doctor.
  • Hitler invented the concept of a sex doll. I'm not kidding. Hitler wanted his soldiers to be able to meet their needs without getting involved with foreign women. So ... he ordered plastic dolls in the shape of a woman to be made for the soldiers.
  • Hitler was an orator, his speeches drove crowds of people into a state close to mass hysteria.
  • To teach the Germans to order, Hitler ordered people to be shot for free travel right at the bus stops.